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Task, Time, Tools. You Pick Two.

A very wise engineering manager once imparted some universal wisdom to me.

He said, “Gerry, for any project there are three fundamental variables: task, time and tools.”

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Why is Golf a Verb?

You would never say, “I tennis, I football, I soccer, I basketball, or I hockey,” would you? You say, correctly, “I PLAY tennis.” Sports are nouns after all.
So why is “I golf” an acceptable way to describe playing that sport?

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Are you too focused?

As the New Year begins, we hear that we all need to “focus,” on just a few key elements in order to succeed. But that logic is misguided. Find out why you shouldn’t get stuck looking at just one thing.

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The Success Matrix cover

Vision, Process, Output

An engaging blend of fiction and non-fiction sets The Success Matrix apart, making it fluid and accessible as both a blueprint for business triumphs and as a good, old-fashioned read. Gerry Langeler introduces and clearly defines eight workplace archetypes, each of whom represents a crucial stretch of any company’s road to success. Experience and insight combine with an affable style to make The Success Matrix an invaluable tool for any business leader.


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What Others are Saying

“The Success Matrix includes an insightful theoretical approach to management, but it is at its most effective when it applies theory to real world examples, using anecdotes from Langeler’s personal experience.  The result is a business book that is surprisingly accessible and human.”

“Pragmatic, forthright and fun – a great mix!”

“I wish I had this when I started out.  It’s an absolute ‘must read’ for first-time entrepreneurs.  Take the Money and Run! puts you on the VC’s side of the table and helps you understand how they evaluate your business plan.  It would have saved me (and a few VC’s) from some very unproductive meetings!”

Mike DiFranza, Founder & President, Captivate Network

“Well-written and humorous.  Should be required reading for all entrepreneurs, especially the section on how to clearly articulate what your product is and who’s going to buy it.”

“If you’ve spent any time at all in the business world, you’ll recognize all of the characters Gerry Langeler clearly describes in The Success Matrix. And if you haven’t spent any time in the business world, then it’s all the more important for you to read this book. It’s an effective, insightful portrait of the personalities one encounters on a daily basis, and also a spot-on how-to manual for anyone who endeavors to find success.”

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Gerry Langeler

Author, Entrepeneur

Gerry Langeler

Gerry Langeler is a born entrepreneur. From his education at Cornell and Harvard, to his hugely successful vision for Mentor Graphics, to the $750 million that he and his OVP Venture Partners have used to back over 125 tech-savvy start-ups, Gerry’s participation in 30-plus years of Oregon’s economic growth has been forward-thinking, creative and ambitious. And what does Gerry Langeler want to do after all his achievements? Teach YOU how to achieve the same things. He’s a good guy like that.