Before most people realize a job needs doing, Gerry Langeler’s already done it. Fifty years ago, New Haven, CT looked remarkably well cared-for: the lawns were mowed, the driveways shoveled, the gardens groomed, all thanks to one industrious kid for whom an allowance was quite unnecessary. Opportunity, reveals itself to Gerry with astonishing swiftness, and he’s had the wherewithal to learn seize it.


After his first business foray, the personal hovercraft market, turned out to be full of hot air, Gerry wised up in the Ivy League, earning a chemistry degree from Cornell and an MBA from Harvard, after which the promise of Oregon’s burgeoning tech industry called him West. Four years of teeth-cutting at Tektronix gave way to the co-founding and Presidency of Mentor Graphics, one of the largest and most profitable American companies of the 1980s. No US public software company has hit the $200 million mark faster. Ever. Gerry Langeler works quick.


For more than two decades now, he’s been a Managing Director at OVP Venture Partners, overseeing $750 million in capital and focusing on early-stage companies in vital industries: clean-tech, digital biology, information technology. Gerry and his partners have backed over 125 start-ups and seen to 55 liquidity events, including 25 IPOs and a host of public acquisitions.


Gerry’s service as a board member includes time with Captivate Network, CradlePoint, DataSphere, Elekom, EnerG2, Foundstone, Max-Viz, Mentor, Novomer, Preview Systems, Serus, Surplus Direct, Vascular Systems, Viral Logic Systems and Webridge. Gerry would say, however, that two of the most important boards he’s chaired were for the Riverdale Public School District and the Riverdale School Foundation, not to mention OMSI’s Oregon Museum of Science and Industry’s Board of Trustees. In addition, he currently co-chairs the Oregon Growth Board, helping drive all growth capital programs for the State.


He also skis. He golfs. He writes. He travels. He spent six years as an Air Force reservist. This is a well-rounded guy for whom there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. So it goes for that extraordinary subset of people for whom success is a surefire combination of vision, process and output. Gerry Langeler wants to welcome you into that group and show you how to thrive there. It’ll beat shoveling driveways – he’s here to guarantee it.


  • Co-founder and former President of Mentor Graphics, the fastest growing public software company to $200M in constant dollar sales in US history.
  • Portland resident partner of OVP Venture Partners, a institutionally backed venture capital fund with over $750M under management.
  • Through OVP, has backed over 125 start-ups and seen to 55 liquidity events, including 25 IPOs and a host of public acquisitions.
  • Appointed by the governor to serve as the co-chair of the Oregon Growth Board, overseeing $100M asset pool investing in private equity partnerships
  • Served on the board for Riverdale School District Board, Oregon Facilities Authority Board, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)