The Success Matrix Podcast, Episode 4: The Brute

Guest: Steve Wynne, Executive VP at Moda Health, former CEO of Adidas

In this podcast episode we are addressing the third of the eight characters that represent a combination of Vision, Process and Output that lead to Success in business or in life – the “Brute.” The Brute is one of my favorite of the eight characters as they tend to be the hero in any organization; they have the vision to know where you should go and the output to get you there until they get burn out due to exhaustion or lack of process.

We turn to Steve Wynne, current Executive Vice President at Moda Health, former CEO at Adidas USA, and Fila Europe to get his perspective on this energizing character that can be an asset to any organization.

You most likely know a Brute. Every start up we backed at OVP Venture Partners was essentially a Brute. Most hardworking, ‘to-do’ list completing, ‘better to beg forgiveness than ask for permission’, type A co-workers are Brutes. You may know some on your sales team, or you may even become one when you start working on your New Year’s Resolutions (before you go back to old habits). Steve knows this Brute character very well, describing them as a bullet looking for a gun – powerful ammunition, critical for success, that needs a barrel and to be pointed in the right direction.

Listen to my interview with Steve to learn his advice on how to address these potentially difficult managerial challenges to turn them into remarkable and powerful assets.  From experience working with a George Steinbrenner, collaborating on public Corporate Boards, to signing a 19-year-old Kobe Bryant to his first shoe contract, Steve provides some great insight into these dedicated, driving forces that every organization needs and how you can leverage them for success.


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