The Success Matrix podcast, episode 8: The Success

Guest: Mick Hoban, Portland Timbers

Hard to believe we’re already a couple weeks into 2015. Like most, I’m sure you have started, and maybe even broken, your New Year’s resolutions. As you plan out your year, you may have a vision or a desired output for what you want to accomplish. But whether your vision is for professional or personal changes, success or gains, let this 8th episode of The Success Matrix podcast be a source of new inspiration for you. For the first episode in 2015, we are talking about The Success character with guest, former Portland Timbers midfielder, Mick Hoban.


Over the past 7 episodes, we have heard valuable personal and professional insights from business thought leaders and industry experts. From Steve Wynne’s experience working with top athletes like Kobe Bryant, toOregon Treasurer Ted Wheeler’s focus and discipline needed to climb Mt Everest, each guest has provided in total over 150 minutes of unique advice to finding or getting success. But for this episode, we’re not just talking about finding success, but about determining what success means for you and then once you have it, how to maintain it.


Joining me for this discussion on defining success is Mick Hoban who achieved the highest level soccer on both sides of the Atlantic, playing against the immortal Pele, becoming the first athlete signed to the Portland Timbers when it was a new expansion team, and then becoming Nike’s first-ever soccer employee (back when Nike was called Blue Ribbon Sports). From transitioning to the field to the boardroom, adjusting to cultural differences working globally, to championing for The Alzheimer’s Association in honor of his friend and teammate Jimmy Conway, Mick provides plenty of great advice and wisdom.


“Most people trade what they want most for what the want in the moment.”


Similar to discussions with other guests, we talk about the importance of passion, practice, collaboration, and getting results for The Success. But the advice Mick emphasized in our conversation is that of determining what success is for you and your life. Looking back on my own successes, missed opportunities and failures, I know this insight to be true. From Starbucks, Amazon to Steve Jobs, I have missed some amazing venture capital and personal job opportunities. But I also know I made the best decisions to find the success I wanted for my family and myself.


The journey to find success is simple, but it is hard. Therefore, I hope you will include The Success Matrix in your 2015 New Year’s resolutions. The more people we get listening the more interesting the conversation we’ll have.

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